Can You Guess California's Favorite Bad Romantic Movie?

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Everyone has that one guilty pleasure bad romantic comedy movie that they love to watch over and over. Whether you like an 80s classic or an early 2000s flick, everyone has their faves. Each state even has a collective favorite too.

Mental Floss compiled a list of each state's favorite bad romantic movie based on Google Trends data. The website states, "Sometimes, two far-flung states with seemingly little in common can connect on something surprising." In this case, it's which rom-com movie they like to watch.

But what does "bad" mean? The website states, "In this case, bad means 'has an IMDb rating of 6.1 or less.'"

According to Mental Floss, California's bad rom-com of choice is Something Borrowed.

This 2011 movie, starring rom-com staple Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin, also happens to be the film of choice for eight other states as well.

Some other stand-out movie titles on the list were John Tucker Must Die, Sweet Home Alabama, Just Married, Drive Me Crazy, and The Back-Up Plan.

Click here to check out each state's favorite bad romantic movie.

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