UC San Diego Study Finds Major Health Benefits From Eating More Avocado

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A new study from UC San Diego revealed that eating more avocado could lead to consuming fewer calories and an overall healthier diet.

According to FOX5, researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science published their findings this month.

During a randomized controlled trial, they compared potential health effects over six months between Mexican families that consumed just three avocados per week to families that consumed 14 avocados per week.

The research found that families who ate a higher number of avocados self-reported eating a fewer number of calories.

In addition, they also reduce their intake of other foods like dairy, meats, and refined grains and their negative nutrients, such as saturated fat and sodium.

“Though researchers discerned no change in body mass index measurements or waist circumference between the two groups during the trial, they did note consuming more avocados appeared to speed satiety — the feeling of fullness after eating,” read a news release said. “Fats and some dietary fibers, such as those found in avocados, can impact the amount of food consumed by affecting gastrointestinal functions, such as introducing bulk that slows gastric emptying, regulating glucose and insulin reactions, prolonging nutrient absorption and modifying key peptide hormones that signal fullness.”

To view the full study, click here.

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