These 7 California Cities May Soon Allow Bars To Stay Open Until 4am

California lawmakers are debating allowing seven cities in the State to keep bars open until 4:00 AM, instead of the current closing time of 2:00 AM.

If passed, the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, West Hollywood, Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Coachella would be allowed to keep bars open two hours longer.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has opposed legislation that extends the sale of alcohol, such as a 2017 Colorado bill that also would have made it possible for different cities to have different closing times.

Fox 5 San Diego says this is the third time the potential new State law is up for a vote.

KRON 4 says a bill that passed the full California legislature in 2018 was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown, and a bill failed in the State Assembly in 2019.

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