Fred Haise: His Life and Life Lessons From the Apollo 13 Mission

Never Panic Early. It's a lesson Fred Haise knows all too well from his career as a military pilot, test pilot and Astronaut. He shares stories of his life in his new book, Never Panic Early: An Apollo 13 Astronaut's Journey.

Haise was the Lunar Module Pilot on the Apollo 13 mission in 1970, a mission that transfixed the world when an oxygen tank explosion prevented it from making its lunar landing and threw into doubt its safe return to earth.

The story of the mission to return the crew back to earth safely was made into a Hollywood film in which Bill Paxton played Fred Haise.

The Apollo 13 mission was not the only time Haise found himself in a dangerous situation. In this episode of Storytellers, Mark Larson interviews Haise about some of the harrowing missions described in his memoir.

You can watch or listen to the full podcast below.

Photo Credit: AFP via Getty Images

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