Father of Colorado Springs Mass Shooter Talks About His Child

The father of the suspected Colorado Springs shooter lives in San Diego and is speaking out about the mass shooting.

Aaron Brink confirmed to ABC 10News that the suspect was born in San Diego, and his grandfather is outgoing California Assembly member Randy Voepel and former mayor of Santee.

The former porn star and current MMA trainer admitted he didn't raise his son. "As a child, he was taken away - not by me- a doing of my own-my profession and my ex-wife didn't want my son around me. I was an adult film star," Brink said.

Now he says he wishes he did after seeing what his child, Anderson Aldrich, who legally changed his name as a teen, did inside the gay nightclub in Colorado.

READ MORE of what Brink said in interview with reporting partner ABC 10News..

(Photo 10News)

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