California Voter Guide: Associate Justice 2018 General Election

California Associate Justice

Election on November 6. You need to vote YES to retain the judge or NO to remove the judge.  Carl DeMaio and the team at The DeMaio Report have thoroughly researched and vetted the Associate Justice candidates. 

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California and the leader of the statewide Gas Tax Repeal Campaign. Carl also hosts a daily news and politics talk show weekdays from 3-6pm on NewsRadio 600 KOGO which can be heard statewide on the iHeartRadio App.

Vote YES to retain the following Associate Justices:

  • Richard Huffman  -  YES
  • Patricia Benke  -  YES
  • Art McKinster  -  YES
  • Raymond Ikola  -  YES

 Vote NO to remove the following Associate Justices:

  • William S. Dato  -  NO
  • Thomas Goethals  -  NO
  • Marsha Slough  -  NO
  • Cynthia Aaron  -  NO
  • David Thompson  -  NO
  • Richard Fields  -  NO
  • Douglas Miller  -  NO
Yes on Prop 6

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