Carl DeMaio’s California Election Guide 2020

The 2020 California General Election ballot is REALLY long and confusing - and politicians have even deceptively worded several ballot measures to hide tax hikes! Fortunately, Carl DeMaio and the team at the DeMaio Report have thoroughly researched and vetted measures and candidates to reveal which ballot measures contain tax hikes and which candidates are worthy of support. 

To access the voter guide for your ballot, click on the button corresponding to the county that you are registered to vote in:

About the Voter Guide: Among the factors that Carl DeMaio applies in issuing endorsements: 

  • Opposition to tax hikes; 
  • respect for our Constitutional rights and personal freedoms; 
  • support for public safety and law enforcement; and
  • support for small businesses and job creation against costly regulations and mandates.

Several candidates have appeared on the DeMaio Report and we have included their interview in the voter guide for you to listen to – and of course tune into the DeMaio Report each day 3-6pm to hear candidates make their final pitches to voters.


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PDF to Print the Entire SAN DIEGO COUNTY Voter Guide

PDF to Print the Entire ORANGE COUNTY Voter Guide

PDF to Print the Entire CALIFORNIA Voter Guide

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NOTE: This Election Guide reflects the endorsements made by Carl DeMaio and should not be taken as an official endorsement or position of the station or iHeartMedia. 

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