2019 GI Film Festival in San Diego

GI Film Festival San Diego

The nation’s premier festival to exclusively feature military-themed films returns to San Diego September 24-29, 2019. The GI Film Festival San Diego celebrates its fifth anniversary this year with screenings and events planned at various San Diego venues.

The films selected for the GI Film Festival San Diego reveal the struggles, triumphs, and experiences of service members and veterans through compelling and authentic storytelling. All major film genres – documentaries, shorts, and personal narratives – will be featured. San Diego has hosted the festival since 2015 and has attracted professional actors and directors, including actor and activist George Takei (“The American”) and actor and director Jeffrey Wright (“We Are Not Done Yet”). The GI Film Festival San Diego also provides opportunities for emerging actors, producers, and directors to share their stories with a wider audience. Select films related to San Diego County will once again be featured in the festival’s popular Local Film Showcase.

Some of the films featured this year include:

  • Take Me Home Huey
  • Mosul
  • Homeade
  • The Whistleblower of MyLai
  • Intense Stories of Service
  • Not Your Everyday Story
  • The Black String
  • Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day
  • The Donut Dollies
  • Island Soldier
  • True Stories of Survival and Heroism
  • Scramble The Seawolves

Scramble the Seawolves is the unknown story of the US Navy’s first and only Attack Helicopter Gunship Squadron. Established in 1967 and tasked with a life-saving mission of providing close air support for Gamewarden Operations and friendly allies in the Mekong Delta, Republic of Vietnam. Using war-torn hand-me-down huey’s, the Seawolves would become the most decorated Squadron in the Vietnam War and Naval Aviation History. Fifty years later, this is their story.

See this incredible film on Sunday, September 29 at 5:45pm, it will he shown at UltraStar Cinema in Hazard Center. Buy tickets here.

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