Marshall Tuck Endorsed By Carl DeMaio For State Superintendent of Schools

Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California and the leader of the statewide Yes on Prop 6 - Gas Tax Repeal Campaign, has announced his endorsement of Marshall Tuck for California State Superintendent of Schools.

“I am endorsing Marshall because he will be a fighter for taxpayers against the special interests and typical politicians who are always trying to raise our taxes, limit our freedoms, and add red tape to our struggling small businesses,” said Carl DeMaio in announcing the endorsement. 

“We need a fighter like Marshall Tuck who will work will work to set high standards for excellence in our schools so that our children get the education they need to succeed,” DeMaio concluded.

Carl DeMaio hosts a daily news and politics talk show weekdays from 3-6pm on NewsRadio 600 KOGO and can be heard statewide on the iHeartRadio App. 

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