Nathan Fletcher Shames Colleagues Who Want To Defy State Orders

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher held a press conference this morning where he chastised fellow county supervisors who are meeting this evening at 5pm to discuss legal action against the state of California.

As San Diego faces tighter COVID-19 restrictions and a possible move from its current "Red" status to "Purple," some county leaders want to defy state mandated restrictions because of the detrimental economic impact closing more businesses and organizations will have.

At the conference, Fletcher and a group of scientists, medical professionals, and community leaders collectively asked residents to focus on fighting COVID-19 rather than fighting the restrictions imposed on San Diego County by the state. Fletcher stated, “I know that you simply want to run the business that you built your life putting together. I know you want to feed your families and you want to support your workers, but what is being sold to you as a solution will not help your situation. It will only make it worse.”

Fletcher has continually fought for a more cautious approach to conducting business in San Diego County during the pandemic, and openly disagreed with the county's June reopening plan, which coincided with county's spike in confirmed COVID-19. He explained that he is the only Supervisor who repeatedly voted against expedited reopening and he called out fellow Supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Jim Desmond for focusing on the desires of local businesses and not what's best for residents of San Diego overall.

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