Carl DeMaio's Orange County Voter Guide

The 2020 California General Election ballot is REALLY long and confusing - and politicians have even deceptively worded several ballot measures to hide tax hikes! Fortunately, Carl DeMaio and the team at the DeMaio Report have thoroughly researched and vetted measures and candidates to reveal which ballot measures contain tax hikes and which candidates are worthy of support. 

Statewide Ballot Measures

Prop 14: NO

  • Bonds for Government Subsidized Stem Cell Research 

Allows politicians to borrow $5.5 billion at a cost of $7.8 billion to taxpayers to give away funds to so-called research studies on stem cells.  Previous government funding for this was riddled with mismanagement and waste.   

Prop 15: NO

  • Statewide Property Tax Increase (Caution: Ballot Has Deceptive Title)

Deceptive title on your actual ballot will claim it “Increases funding sources for public schools...” when this is REALLY a massive $12-15 billion tax increase that will destroy jobs.  This measure guts Prop 13 from 1978 (Howard Jarvis’ Initiative) for commercial, retail, industrial, and other properties and also allows state politicians to impose new taxes on home-based businesses.  Prop 15 will increase your cost-of-living at a time when working families are already struggling to survive. Worse, if this flawed and costly tax hike measure passes, expect a companion measure in next election to repeal Prop 13 from 1978 and increase property taxes on homeowners.  For more information and to join the fight against Prop 15, go to

Prop 16: NO

  • Authorizes Discrimination on the Basis of Race in Government Decisions and Hiring (Caution: Ballot Has Deceptive Title)

Deceptive title on your actual ballot will claim it “Allows Diversity as a Factor in Public Employment...” when this would reverse a voter-approved Constitutional Amendment from the 1990s that banned any discrimination on the basis of race in any government decision. If this measure passes, race-based preferences such as quotas and affirmative action would be allowed and merit-based criteria will be disregarded.  Prop 16 fans the flames of racial division and is a step back in the fight for equal protection under the law. 

Prop 17: NO

  • Gives Parolees the Right to Vote 

Biased title on your actual ballot will claim it “Restores right to vote after completing prison term” but fails to note that parolees have NOT yet completed their sentence for their crimes and parole is still considered part of the sentence. Prop 17 would restore early voting rights to violent criminals and is offensive to crime victims. If you break our laws, why should you have a vote in setting our laws?  Under existing law, voting rights can be restored once an individual completes their full sentence, including parole, so Prop 17 is not needed.   

Prop 18: NO

  • Gives 17-Year-Olds the Right to Vote  

For a cost of over $1 million per election cycle, 17-year-olds would be mailed ballots to allow them to vote before they reach legal age.  State law prohibits 17-year-olds from drinking, smoking, and even tanning because science suggests they aren’t old enough to make sound decisions yet. Voting should be no different. Prop 18 is irresponsible and shows that the politicians who placed this misguided measure on the ballot are the true juveniles here.  

Prop 19: NO

  • Increases Property Taxes

Prop 19 is a tax increase disguised as a tax relief measure.  Only one part of Prop 19 is good – a small provision allowing homeowners who are over 55 or meet other criteria to transfer a low property tax base to another property. However, Prop 19 then revokes property tax protections for many other homeowners and uses firefighting as mere window dressing to con voters into raising taxes. Prop 19 would set a really bad precedent and cost taxpayers too much. 

Prop 20: YES

Support the Police and Hold Criminals Accountable  (Caution: Ballot Has Deceptive Title)

Deceptive title on your actual ballot will claim it “Restricts Parole for Certain Offenses...” when in fact Prop 20 would merely reverse policies that coddle criminals and allow for early release of dangerous criminals from prison. Prop 20 will restore much-needed enforcement powers to police and prosecutors to hold criminals accountable for looting/repeated shoplifting and other crimes that were considered FELONIES before state politicians watered-down the crimes to simple misdemeanors or less. Prop 20 also expands use of DNA to help catch criminals. For more information OR to request a free “Yes on Prop 20 – Support the Police” lawn sign, go to

Prop 21: NO

  • Rent Control

Prop 21 is a disastrous measure that will increase the cost-of-living in California and lead to less housing supply.  Rent control may sound good to some but everywhere rent control has been tried rents have actually skyrocketed higher. Economic studies show that Prop 21’s approach to rent control makes rents rise quicker because property owners will take the maximum allowed increase each year whether or not market conditions justify it just because they know future increases are always capped.  Prop 21 will choke the supply of apartments by providing a disincentive for builders to invest in them. 

Prop 22: YES

  • Allow Uber/Lyft and other App-Based Transportation and Delivery Services to Operate in California(Caution: Ballot Has Deceptive Title)

Deceptive title on your actual ballot will claim it “Exempts App-Based Transportation and Delivery Companies from Providing Employee Benefits...” when Prop 22 actually FAVORS the drivers of these companies by allowing them the freedom to continue to work as independent contractors with a variety of benefits and protections.  Prop 22 is part of the larger fight to repeal the terrible AB 5 law that state politicians imposed this year that has all-but banned the use of independent contractors. 1 million jobs are at stake and are being damaged by AB 5. To join the fight against AB5 and in support of Prop 22, go to

Prop 23: NO

  • New Costly Regulations for Kidney Dialysis Clinics

Deceptive title on your actual ballot will claim it “Establishes State Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics” when 1) there are already numerous regulations governing these clinics and 2) Prop 23 would add unnecessary costs and burdens on kidney dialysis clinics in an attempt to force workers into unions to pay dues that then are given to politicians in the form of campaign contributions.  Prop 23 is a sham initiative that is hazardous to public health. 

Prop 24: NO

  • Amends Consumer Privacy Laws

Everyone likes privacy, but Prop 24 is a flawed initiative that creates a $10 million-a-year government bureaucracy that would only be able to be reformed or eliminated by requiring voters to consider yet another ballot measure in the future. This flawed initiative actually reduces privacy in a number of ways and distracts from implementation of a new law that just went into effect to improve privacy in the digital age. Let’s wait to see the results of that existing law first before adding to costly mandates. 

Prop 25: NO

  • Referendum: Should We Ban Cash Bail System for the “Honor System”

State politicians intentionally worded Prop 25 in a confusing way so that people don’t know whether a Yes vote means No and a No vote means Yes or whatever.  To simplify things, vote NO on Prop 25 if you want to block a flawed law that the politicians imposed that would ban bail as a requirement of releasing individuals charged with serious crimes. Liberals want to replace bail with the “honor system” of hoping criminals show back up for their court date. Prop 25 would result in the creation of a new costly bureaucracy where government workers would be hired to “trace” people and ask them to voluntarily come to court hearings.  Prop 25 is a dangerous law that puts crime victims at risk. 

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Local Ballot Measures

Measure P:  YES

Charter Amendments - Only voters in City of Cypress 

Measure Q: NO

Marijuana Initiative and Tax - Only voters in City of Costa Mesa

Measure S: NO

Tax Increase - Only voters in Fullerton

Measure U: NO

Ban on Fireworks - Only voters in Fullerton

Measure V: NO

Marijuana Initiative - Only voters in Laguna Woods

Measure W: NO

Marijuana Initiative and Tax - Only voters in La Habra

Measure X: NO

Ballot Box Development Process - Only voters in La Habra

Measure Y: NO

Tax Increase - Only voters in Los Alamitos

Measure Z: YES

Charter Amendment: Harbor Commission - Only voters in Newport Beach

Measure AA: Neutral

Santiago Creek Development - Only voters in Orange

Measure BB:  YES

Term Limits - Only voters in San Clemente

Measure CC: NO

Pay Increase for Politicians - Only voters in Tustin

Measure DD: YES

Term Limits - Only voters in Westminster

Federal Candidate Races

U.S. President

  • Donald J. Trump

US Congress

  • Vote for the Republican in every district.  

State Candidate Races

State Senate – District 29

  • Ling Ling Chang

State Senate – District 37

  • John Moorlach 

State Assembly – District 55

  • Phillip Chen

State Assembly – District 65

  • Cynthia Thacker

State Assembly – District 68

  • Steven Choi

State Assembly – District 69 

  • Jon Paul White

State Assembly – District 72

  • Janet Nguyen

State Assembly – District 73

  • Laurie Davis

State Assembly – District 74

  • Diane Dixon

Local Candidate Races

County Board of Supervisors – District 1

  • Andrew Do

Aliso Viejo

City Council

  • Mike Munzing 
  • Michael Winger

Costa Mesa

City Council, District 1:

  • Don Harper

City Council, District 2:

  • Ben Chapman


City Council, District 2:

  • Nicholas Dunlap

Huntington Beach

City Council

  • Jeff Morin



  • Hon. Christina Shea

City Council:

  • Michael Carroll 
  • Carrie O'Malley
  • John Park

La Habra

City Council:

  • Tim Shaw 

Laguna Hills

City Council:

  • Bill Hunt
  • Janine Heft

Laguna Niguel

City Council:

  • Sandy Rains
  • Rischi Paul Sharma
  • Kelly Jennings

Los Alamitos

City Council, District 1:

  • Dean Grose

Mission Viejo

City Council

  • Trish Kelly

Newport Beach

City Council, District 7:

  • Will O'Neill



  • Mark Murphy

City Council, District 1:

  • David Vazquez

City Council, District 3:

  • Mike Alvarez

City Council, District 5:

  • Rick Ledesma

Rancho Santa Margarita

City Council:

  • Tony Beall 
  • Carol Gamble

San Clemente

City Council, 4-Year Term:

  • Aaron Washington 


City Council, District 2:

  • DeWayne Normand


City Council:

  • Ryan Gallagher
  • Jorge Valdes

Yorba Linda

City Council:

  • Gene Hernandez 
  • Tara Campbell
  • Beth Haney

Moulton Niguel Water District Board

  • Brian Probolsky
  • Duane Cave

Orange County Water District Directors

  • Tri Ta
  • Cathy Green

Mesa Water District Director

  • Jim Fisler

Santa Margarita Water District Board

  • Charles Gibson

School Districts

Capistrano Unified School District

Trustee, Area 2

  • Jim Reardon

North Orange County Community College District

Trustee, Area 7

  • Ryan Bent

Placentia Yorba Linda School District

Trustee, Area 3

  • Leandra Blades

NOTE: This Election Guide reflects the endorsements made by Carl DeMaio and should not be taken as an official endorsement or position of the station or iHeartMedia.