Pacific Beach Is Now San Diego's COVID-19 Hot Spot


San Diego County health officials are concerned over the number of COVID-19 cases recorded in Pacific Beach. With 438 confirmed cases, Pacific Beach is reaching totals similar to much larger communities like La Mesa and Carlsbad. But what concerns health officials most is that the number of cases in Pacific Beach has more than doubled over the last month.

Late Wednesday, county health officials confirmed that The Gym in Pacific Beach was associated with a COVID-19 outbreak, and at least three people affiliated with the establishment have tested positive for the virus. While the county didn't reveal the total number of people testing positive after they visited or worked at The Gym, they did say that a "community outbreak" occurs when three or more people from different households who test positive, are linked to the same location.

The Gym was shut down by county public health officials last Thursday for violating public health orders - keeping their doors open and customers using the facility after Governor Newsom ordered that gyms were to be closed on July 13.

Overall, some Pacific Beach residents are concerned about the lack of face coverings, while many are of the mindset that if you're outdoors there is no reason to be concerned about coming into contact with the virus.

Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten, has warned against that type of mentality, and during the County's press conference on Tuesday, said "We can talk about best practices all day but until individuals support those behaviors we will continue to see our numbers increase."

People are still finding a way to gather and socialize at the outdoor establishments Pacific Beach is known for, but doing so without face coverings and in close proximity is what health officials are worried about. "If people continue to show or implement behavior in terms of gathering and not wearing face coverings and not social distancing, it is quite possible we will not get off the list," Wooten said.

San Diego County continues to be on the state's monitoring list because of our increasing rate of infection. The continued rise in infection rates prompted Supervisor Greg Cox to initiate a Safe Reopening Compliance Team that will focus on both businesses and residents who are not complying with health orders. Details about how the team will operate should be released next Tuesday, August 4 but officials say their intent is to help businesses stay open, not close them.

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