San Diego Voter Guide: Candidate Races 2018 General Election

San Diego Voter Guide

San Diego Voter Guide

Key offices at the local San Diego and California state level will be voted on in the 2018 General Election on November 6. Carl DeMaio and the team at The DeMaio Report have thoroughly vetted these candidates and have issued an endorsement in almost every race.

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California and the leader of the statewide Gas Tax Repeal Campaign.  Carl also hosts a daily news and politics talk show weekdays from 3-6pm on NewsRadio 600 KOGO which can be heard statewide on the iHeartRadio App.

Among the factors that Carl DeMaio applies in issuing endorsements:

  • Opposition to tax hikes (like the dreaded Car and Gas Tax Hikes);
  • respect for the Constitution and personal freedoms; and
  • support for small businesses and job creation against excessive regulation.


Governor:  John Cox

Lt. Governor:  No endorsement

Treasurer:  Greg Conlon

Attorney General:  Stephen Bailey

Secretary of State:  Mark Meuser

Insurance Commissioner:  Steve Poizner

State Superintendent of Schools:  Marshall Tuck

Comptroller:  Konstantinos Roditis  

Board of Equalization:  No endorsement – the position should be abolished.

US Senate:  Definitely not Kevin DeLeon – author of the outrageous Sanctuary State law


US Congress - District 49:      Diane Harkey                         

US Congress - District 50:      No endorsement.

US Congress - District 51:      Juan Hildalgo                         

US Congress - District 52:      Omar Qudrat

US Congress - District 53:      Morgan Murtaugh


State Senate 36th District:     Pat Bates        

State Senate 38th District:     Brian Jones

State Senate 40th District:     Luis Vargas     

State Assembly 71st District:   Randy Voepel

State Assembly 75th District:   Marie Waldron          

State Assembly 76th District:   No endorsement.

State Assembly 77th District:   No endorsement. 

State Assembly 78th District:   Maggie Campbell

State Assembly 79th District:   John Moore

State Assembly 80th District:   Lincoln Pickard


There are numerous California Associate Justice candidate races in the 2018 General Election on November 6. You need to vote YES to retain the judge or NO to remove the judge.

Vote YES to Retain the Following Associate Justices:

  • Richard Huffman    YES
  • Patricia Benke         YES
  • Art McKinster          YES
  • Raymond Ikola        YES

Vote NO to Remove the Following Associate Justices:

  • William S. Dato       NO
  • Thomas Goethals   NO
  • Marsha Slough        NO
  • Cynthia Aaron         NO
  • David Thompson    NO
  • Richard Fields          NO
  • Douglas Miller         NO


  • County Board of Supervisors – District 5:   Jim Desmond
  • County Board of Supervisors – District 2:   Bonnie Dumanis
  • Superior Court Judge – Office No 37:         No endoresement


City of San Diego

  • City Council District 2: Lorie Zapf
  • City Council District 4: No endorsement. Incumbent Myrle Cole has been terrible.
  • City Council District 6: No endorsement.  Incumbent Chris Cate has been a big disappointment.
  • City Council District 8: No Endorsement – What’s the point: you are doomed.


  • Mayor: Matt Hall
  • City Council District 4: Corrine Busta
  • City Council District: Tracy Carmichael

Chula Vista

  • Mayor: Hector Gastelum
  • City Attorney: Glen Googins
  • City Council District 1: John McCann
  • City Council District 2: Steve Stenberg


  • City Council: Marvin Heinze and Peter Jensen

El Cajon

  • Mayor: Joel Scalzitti
  • City Council: Gary Kendrick


  • City Council: Mark Muir


  • Mayor: Sam Abed
  • District 1: Ed Gallo
  • District 2: John Masson

Imperial Beach

  • Mayor: Valerie Acevez
  • City Council: Darnisha Hunter, Dane Crosby

La Mesa

  • City Council: Bill Baber and Guy McWhirter

Lemon Grove

  • City Council: Jerry Jones and Teresa Rosiak


  • City Council, District 1: Susan Custer
  • City Council, District 2: Christopher Rodriguez


  • Mayor: Steve Vaus
  • City Council District 1: Dave Grosch
  • City Council District 2: Caylin Frank
  • City Council District 3: John Mullin

San Diego

  • City Council District 2: Lorie Zapf
  • City Council District 4: No endorsement. Incumbent Myrle Cole has been terrible.
  • City Council District 6: No endorsement.  Incumbent Chris Cate has been a big disappointment.
  • City Council District 8: No Endorsement – What’s the point: you are doomed.

San Marcos

  • Mayor: Rebecca Jones
  • City Council, District 1: Craig Garcia                                    
  • City Council, District 2: Mike Sannella


  • City Council, District 1: Rob McNelis
  • City Council, District 2: Ronn Hall
  • City Council, District 3: Laura Koval


  • Mayor: Judy Ritter
  • City Council, District 1: John J. Aguilera
  • City Council District 4: John Franklin


>>Schools Districts (K-12)

Alpine Union School District:  Glenn Dickie, Eric Wray, Al Guerra

Bonsall Unified School District:  Lou Riddle, Jr., Roger Merchat

Cajon Valley Unified School District

  • District 2: Jill Barto
  • Carlsbad Unified School District
  • Area 1: Melanie Burkholder

Chula Vista Elementary School District

  • Area 3: Famela Ramos

Coronado Unified School District:  Esther Ruth Valdes, Lee Pontes, Kyle Tupas

Del Mar Union School District:  Scott Wooden, Libby Hellmann

Escondido Union School District

  • District 4: Zesty Harper
  • District 5: Dr. Gary Altenburg

Grossmont Union High School District

  • District 3: Gary Woods

La Mesa-Spring Valley School District:  Steve Babbitt, Brianna Garza, Megan Epperson

Oceanside Unified School District

  • District 1: Daniel Iman

Poway Unified School District

  • Area B: Ginger Couvrette
  • Area C: TJ Zane                                  
  • Area D: Stan Rodkin

Ramona Unified School District:  Rodger Dohm and Bob Stoody

Rancho Santa Fe School District

  • Jee Manghani
  • Kali Kim
  • Dan Dufresne

San Diego Unified School District

  • District B: Tom Keliinoi
  • District C: Marcia Nordstrom

San Dieguito Union High School District

  • District 1: Maureen “Mo” Muir
  • District 3: Melisse C. Mossy
  • District 5: Cheryl James-Ward

Valley Center/Pauma Unified:  Gina Roberts

>> Community College Districts

Grossmont-Cuymaca Community College

  • Area 1: John Olsen
  • Area 2: Bill Exeter
  • Area 5: Teresa Rosiak

Mira Costa Community College

  • Area 2: Harold Fairman
  • Area 7: Steve Hasty

Palomar Community College:  Rose Marie Dishan and Aimee Keith

San Diego Community College District

  • District A: Diane Hickman
  • District C: Loren Casuto
  • District E: Allan Candelore

Southwestern Community College

  • Seat 4: Tamara Rodriguez

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the station or iHeartMedia.

Yes on Prop 6 - Repeal the Gas Tax

Yes on Prop 6 - Repeal the Gas Tax

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