California Voter Guide: 2018 Ballot Measures

California Election Guide 2018 Ballot Measures

There are some key state ballot measures in California's 2018 Primary Election this June. Carl DeMaio and the team at The DeMaio Report have thoroughly researched these measures and have issued endorsements in almost every case.


Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California and the leader of the statewide Gas Tax Repeal Campaign.  Carl also hosts a daily news and politics talk show weekdays from 3-6pm on NewsRadio 600 KOGO which can be heard statewide on the iHeartRadio App.

Prop 68: $4 billion More in Bonded Debt             


Does California really need more debt so politicians can spend borrowed funds on pet projects with no accountability?  NO – so vote NO on Prop 68.  Let’s demand that the politicians prioritize projects and give us a specific list of park improvements that the money will go to - and open all projects up to fair competitive bidding. 

Prop 69: Transportation Funding Phony Lock Box              


Sacramento politicians raised the car and gas tax hikes and now they offer this window-dressing measure purporting to lockbox the funds.  It is a complete fraud.  First, the measure fails to cover all of the gas tax and car tax funds – billions will be left unaccounted for.  Second, the Governor can waive the requirements of the Initiative at any time and divert the money.  Third, the money does NOT get directed to roads but can be used for anything including bloated bureaucracy at CALTRANS and boondoggles like High Speed Rail projects, transit, bike lanes and light rail.  Vote NO and let’s create a Citizens Lock Box for the next election!  


Prop 70: Super Majority Vote in Legislature for Use of Cap and Trade Funds        


Cap and Trade will devastate working families and small businesses by dramatically increasing the cost-of-living in California.  This measure was part of a corrupt deal, but it does have the redeeming value of making it harder to spend funds in Sacramento.  Fine – but we need to repeal this tax at some point.

Prop 71: Delays Effective Date of Citizen Ballot Measures            


Sacramento politicians are trying to manipulate the effective date of when citizen ballot measures can change a law or impose a requirement.  This measure will result in citizens paying for the gas and car tax hikes longer than they should.  Vote no. 

Prop 72: No Taxes on Rainwater Systems             


This proposition would allow you to install a rainwater system on your house without having to pay the higher property tax assessment that would come along with this improvement to your property.  People who help with water conservation shouldn’t be penalized with higher taxes.  Vote Yes!

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the station or iHeartMedia.

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