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CA Politicians to Put “Abortion on Demand” Initiative on November Ballot

Controversial initiative would overturn California’s current limitation on abortion after 23 weeks and instead allow for abortion up to moment of birth, including partial-birth abortion procedures. The poorly-written initiative could also overturn important restrictions on violent sex offenders.

Across the country, Democrat politicians and liberal media outlets are decrying the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as an “extremist position.” Keep in mind that the Supreme Court didn’t ban abortion nationwide – far from it. It simply leaves it to individual states to decide how to regulate abortions in their state. While some states may ban abortions, it is also clear that other states will greatly expand abortions. 

Even before the US Supreme Court made the decision to allow states the authority to regulate abortions, California already had one of the most permissive and lenient abortion rules in the country. But now California’s liberal politicians are going much further by proposing what many consider the most extreme and permissive abortion measure ever proposed in the history of the US.

State Democrats voted to place SCA-10 on the November 2022 ballot to amend the California State Constitution to bar any restrictions on abortion in their state. The measure specifically reads:

SEC. 1.1. The state shall not deny or interfere with an individual’s reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions, which includes their fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and their fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives. This section is intended to further the constitutional right to privacy guaranteed by Section 1, and the constitutional right to not be denied equal protection guaranteed by Section 7. Nothing herein narrows or limits the right to privacy or equal protection.

“By allowing abortion up to the moment of birth, this proposal is the most extreme abortion proposal ever made in the history of the US,” says Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California which will be opposing the measure in the November 2022 election.  

“This proposal is not about providing for a pro-choice regime in California – it goes to the farthest extreme of the abortion debate and is now about allowing infanticide as a matter of state law,” DeMaio warned. 

Under current California law, individuals have a right to demand an abortion up to the point of viability of the fetus – or about 23 weeks. DeMaio argues that the initiative language contains no language to allow the state to keep this regulation as the language allows for no restriction. 

“The Constitutional amendment being proposed offers no hint that the state has any ability to keep any restriction on abortion such as the 23 week limitation,” DeMaio notes. “Even pro-choice voters do not support abortion on demand even up to the point of birth,” DeMaio argues.

DeMaio also argues that SCA-10 may interfere with existing state laws that allow for Sexually Violent Predators to be placed under mandatory chemical treatment to limit their sex drive and desires. “The SCA-10 proposal is so broadly written that I fear it will also be used to remove important tools we have successfully used to combat sexually violent crimes such as child sex abuse and rape of women,” DeMaio warns.

DeMaio believes the wording of SCA-10 is no mistake. “California’s liberal politicians are indeed this extreme and they are showing just how out-of-step they are even with voters who consider themselves pro-choice,” DeMaio concludes.

DeMaio’s organization Reform California is asking concerned citizens to join their fight against SCA-10 by signing up and supporting their general election campaign efforts.

JOIN THE FIGHT: Reform California Voter Guide Campaign

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