Tara Falcone, Founder and CEO of the Reason Financial Apps

About Tara Falcone

Tara Falcone, CFA, CFP® is Founder and CEO of Reason. She grew up in a low income family in rural Michigan, became mostly financially independent at age 14, and was blessed with a full need-based financial aid scholarship to Yale University. After graduating from Yale in 2011, she began her finance career as a hedge fund analyst in New York City. It was there that her passion for investing was ignited, as was her desire to share that passion with others.

Years later, she became an entrepreneur to create financial solutions for people like her friends and family. In 2018, Tara created LIT to increase financial education and access for communities underserved by Wall Street. In 2021, she started building Reason to help goals-driven investors connect the dots between their investments and the financial goals they’re investing for. Tara's perspectives on investing have been featured on CNBC, WSJ, Barron’s, NBC News, Business Insider, Fortune, Katie Couric, and more.

Reason is a goal-based investing platform empowering people to invest for specific goals in a more organized, intentional way. With Reason, you're able to view all of your investments in one place, allocate investments to specific goals, and simulate and track your success. Reason's mission is to be the voice of reason for retail investors and help them achieve their reasons for investing.

— Tara Falcone, Founder + CEO

ReisUP (LIT): Financial Literacy for TRIO/SSS and FGLI Students

The most comprehensive and relatable virtual financial literacy program for college students, especially underserved and underestimated populations like: TRIO/SSS; first-generation students; and low income.  students.

REASON: The goals-first investing assistant you never knew you needed

Ditch the spreadsheet. Stop doing mental accounting. Never open multiple apps to check your investments again. Use Reason to: define your investing goals; view all of your investments in one place; dvvy investments up by goal; and simulate and track your success.

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