The "I" Word That Divides Us: A New Poll

When it comes to the political divide in the country, the most contested of the  “I” words you hear in recent days is immigration.

In the run up to the November election, you heard some Democrats, who will be taking over the U.S House in about amonth, talking about the other “I word, impeachment.

Bu the new San Diego Union Tribune 10News Survey USA poll shows that immigration issue is the one that appears to most divide the country politically.

Among the findings:

32 percent of people said the caravan of Central American migrants poses a major threat while about the same, 34 percent, say it only poses a minor threat.

44 percent, say they support President Trump’s decision to send troops to the border, while 38 percent say they’re opposed

Asked whether they believe the President’s description of the caravan as an invasion of criminals, 29 percent of people say they agree while 33 percent say they agree with advocates who say those in the caravan are seeking asylum.

So with poll results like these, we’re sure to see continued political fights over immigration.  As much as it would be nice to see both political parties in Congress work together on the “S word, as in finding a Solution.

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