Why San Diego Should Dream About Longer Christmas Season

San Diego is one of the top destinations during the holidays.  

If you were on the 5 or the 15 or at Lindbergh Field at the start of the Christmas weekend, it was easy to tell…with so many people coming to San Diego.

But what if San Diego came up with a plan to really take advantage of its attraction this time of year?  We know a lot of people come to San Diego in December because of our weather, to get away from the snow and the cold back East.  But what if people came to San Diego for the Christmas time events.

That was the idea in a column this week in the San Diego Union Tribune by long time writer Roger Showley.

He pointed out that for some 40 years, December Nights, formerly named Christmas on the Prado, has drawn several hundred thousand people to Balboa Park for two nights in early December.

So what if December Nights more than just two nights but lasted all month long?

What if San Diego did what they do in Europe about which Showley writes…..”virtually every city, from village to metropolis, sets up Christmas markets in public squares, where entertainment, food and beverage, shopping and strolling take center stage.”

Not a bad idea. It would certainly help our local economy.  And it would probably get a lot more people dreaming not so much about a White Christmas but a San Diego Christmas.

(Photo credit C.E. Albert)

Information about December Nights in 2019.

Christmas Nativity Scene San Diego  CE Albert
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