Why to Like Mondays When it Comes to Resolutions

Thinking about making a New Year’s resolution?  

All the evidence shows most people who make New Year’s resolutions, don’t keep them.  A new report suggests that we may all be doing it the wrong way. 

A report at CNN says making a resolution on January 1st is not a good idea.  A better idea is making a resolution on a Monday, in fact even every Monday.

Unlike other days of the week, Mondays give us the chance to reset for the week.

As the director of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Institute for Global Tobacco Control puts it, “Monday can be thought of as the New Year's of the week -- a time to refresh and put our past bad deeds behind us and try to do better in the coming week."

A study of Google searches found that at the beginning of the week -- specifically Monday and Tuesday -- more people are searching for healthy things, and then it sort of drops off as you get closer to the weekend.

With anything we want to change about ourselves, whether it’s our health, our relationships or our attitude, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

And it doesn’t happen every week even if you renew your resolution on Mondays.

The desire to change has to lead to a will to change.  And sometimes it takes a friend to help you change and sometimes it takes a higher power to change.

And maybe just remembering that is a resolution we all can make.  On Monday or any day.

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