California Has a Problem

California has a problem, a housing problem

As Gavin Newsom prepares to take over as California’s Governor and the new Democratic controlled San Diego City Council and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors with two new members prepare to go to work in this new year, one of the biggest problems they are all facing is the housing problem.

The high cost of homes is one of the factors driving people to leave California to find the American dream of home ownership somewhere else.

The many new high density housing projects built near forest and brush are raising concerns about increased wildfire risks. 

And the number of homeless in San Diego and in the other big cities in California remains high.

So the housing problem is a big one for local and state government leaders. And it won’t be an easy problem to solve. 

Home builders blame over regulation for the high cost.  Developers and government planners often blame the NIMBY factor with the organized efforts by local citizens we’ve seen to oppose new developments.  And homeless advocates blame the lack of money and lack of will by government leaders and taxpayers to address the need for real homeless housing.

One thing’s for sure.  Without some real workable answers to the housing problem, our state may change from being known as California here we come to California there we go.

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