How to End the Bad News...and the Shutdown

Some recent surveys have shown that many Americans have become a bit exhausted by all the news. 

And when you ask people to describe what they are feeling, they will tell you, there is so much political bickering and fighting.

With the shutdown of many federal government departments now more than three weeks old, the holiday season was not exactly a cheery one when it came to the news about politics.

And with the people who don’t work for the federal government and who are not furloughed and not losing a paycheck, but are now feeling the effects of the shutdown from TSA lines at airports to closures of federal parks and monuments, the news is getting worse, not better.

Most of us get up every morning with hope that it will be a good day. And most of us who live in the United States believe that Americans are traditionally a hopeful people.  After all our country has been through a lot over a lot of years of history.

But while we may not lose the hope that we have, one thing that most people will say when you ask them…is that they have lost their trust in government.

Donald Trump ran for president with a message that you can’t trust government but that he would fix it.  And yet polls show Americans’ trust in government is less, not more.

And the best way for less bad news would be for both Republicans and Democrats to work together to restore some of that trust.

More on public's trust in government here.

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