Cities Respond to Rough Ride for Dockless Bikes and Scooters

It’s not been a smooth ride for the dockless bikes and scooters that began arriving in San Diego a year or two ago.

They’ve become very popular no doubt about that. But that’s exactly the reason they’ve become the target of so many complaints.

From being a nuisance blocking and littering sidewalks and business entrances, to the safety concerns for riders and pedestrians and there have been plenty of crashes.

And now with the city of El Cajon passing an ordinance this week because of all these concerns, the focus on what should be done to better regulate their use and prevent their abuse is on the top of the list again for cities all over the place. (Watch video below)

Coronado was among the first to start scooping up bikes and scooters left around for too long and now El Cajon will be doing the same.

As El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells told KOGO News, "The issue really isn’t banning the dockless scooters or bikes; the issue is what you do when they’re lying in the street or in your front yard.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has been drafting a proposal and the City Council is scheduled to soon confront the issue and what to do about it.

The companies that own the bikes and scooters who are profiting from their popularity obviously have a responsibility to self-regulate.  But cities are finding that they need a push.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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