What We Can Do About Hate in the World

Why is there so much hate in the world?

The question arises again today, as it does every time there is a mass shooting like the horrific one in New Zealand.

While the motive of the evil people who carried out this evil act is not yet confirmed, there are early signs on social media it was born out of a hatred for certain people.

And every time these things happen, anywhere in the world, we ask how people can do this to other people simply for who they are or what they believe.We wonder how people like this are even capable of carrying out such acts.

Hated and evil are nothing new in our world. They have been around since the beginning of mankind, with acts of so much hatred and so much evil through history that we don’t like to even think about many of them.

For all of us who are alive today, we want to believe that things have changed, and that mankind today is different. That all hatred and evil can be exorcised out of the world somehow…through laws, regulations, and decrees.

We can and must to do things to prevent those filled with this kind of hatred for others…from being able to carry out their evil acts.

But we cannot change the hearts and souls of people who do this. That job lies in the hands of a greater power.

We can, however, each in our own way, take steps every day to show goodness in our own lives and treat others, even in our own families, through billions of personal acts of love around the world, that can counteract the hatred that exists.

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New Zealand Mass Shooting 3-4-2019  Getty Images
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