Facing the Flaws of Facebook

As popular as Facebook is and has been, they don’t need yet another problem like the one that has just been revealed.

Facebook execs admitting that going back several years apparently they did not keep secure the passwords of hundreds of millions of their users, leaving them to be opened and viewed by thousands of their employees.

Facebook says when the problem was discovered in January they fixed what is described as an improper storage issue. And they say there is nothing for Facebook users to worry about saying they found no evidence that anyone was grabbing and using user passwords for no good.

But with serious questions about privacy issues on Facebook and Russian trolls and Congressional hearings in recent times, the social media giant doesn’t need to give more people another reason to not trust and not use Facebook.

The platform that Mark Zuckerberg created has already had a reputation for intrusive and bothersome data-mining ads.And for even being a place where marital affairs begin and why the word Facebook is often seen in divorce papers.

And a place where cyber bullies thrive and where racist and graphic postings are somehow allowed…before cops have to tell them to take it down as we saw happen in the recentNew Zealand massacre.

Facebook may be an example of how far we have advanced in digital communication and technology, but it also may be a symptom of the parts of human nature we don’t like to think about.

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