LISTEN: Why San Diego Is Not the Safest City for Everyone

San Diego is the safest city in America but that can a little misleading.

In a recent interview with KOGO News, San Diego Police Chief Dave Nisleit said his goal when he became chief a year ago was to keep San Diego the safest big city in America.

In 2017, San Diego had the lowest violent crime rate among the country’s 10 largest cities and has been a city with the lowest per capita murder rate.

But as the chief himself says, even one murder is too many.

And while the city as a whole is the safest big city in the U.S, not every San Diego neighborhood is as safe.

As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune in an in-depth look at local communities, they found that some neighborhoods in San Diego have not been part of reduced violent crime rate. Their report found that Violent crime has at least doubled in about 13 percent of all census block groups, or one of every eight of these neighborhoods in the city.

As well known Bishop Cornelius Bowser of Charity Apostolic Church in Logan Heights told the Union Tribune“Yeah, we’re the safest big city in the United States, but we’ve still got sections of the population that are suffering through violence.”

So while San Diego may have a good reputation around the country when it comes to the crime rate, and that’s a good thing, not everyone in San Diego in every neighborhood is benefiting.

What are those neighborhoods and what is being done about it?

Listen below to my interview with Greg Moran, one of the reporters who worked on the Union Tribune story.

You can read more HERE.

(Photo credit KOGO News)

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