What Do We Do About America's Mass Shooting Problem?

A lot of people are still reeling from the two mass shootings last weekend which followed the mass shooting here in California in Gilroy.

Waking up Sunday morning to the news of what happened in the downtown entertainment district in Dayton Ohio after going to bed the night before with the shock of the horrific mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso Texas just hours before was an emotional kick in the gut for most of us.

The question now is whether this is finally the kick in the gut we need to demand that something be done about all this.

It seems at times as if many in our country have become resigned to the fact that mass shootings are now just part of what happens in America now and that they are going to happen.

And they happen a lot. And more of them happen in the U.S than they do in any other country. And why that is needs to be at the center of the debate now as to what we can do to at least reduce the number of these tragedies.

Do we really want our kids and their grandkids to grow up in a country where mass shootings are just part of what it’s like to live in America?

Do we really want to live in a country where now we have to worry about what could happen when we go to a Walmart or the Gaslamp District or a food festival in a park or a school or a church or a synagogue? Do we really?

And that’s why it’s time to finally demand that our political leaders finally do something about this to truly make America great again.

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