Why It May be Time for Armed Guards Everywhere

The debate over the gun issue has never been hotter.

Just days after the last of three mass shootings in three different American cities in one week, in which nearly three dozen people died, everyone is talking about the gun issue.

And our political leaders are not only talking about it, they are debating it and even verbally sparring about it.

And they’re arguing not only about what to about guns but also about what to do about mental health and about social media and about hate.

But plenty of people also are talking about why they don’t think anything is going to be done about all things they’re talking about.

And why should they? After all the terrible mass shootings over the years, with death tolls higher than those last week and with kids and teens killed, not much has been done.

So while we wait for something to be done, is it time for all stores and bars and restaurants and parks and schools and offices and places of worship and anywhere else where there have been mass shootings to have armed guards and metal detectors at every entrance?

With people saying things like what a young mother with child at a local Walmart said this week, saying she’s afraid of going shopping, maybe it’s time.

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