Lots of Barking Going On About Emotional Support Animals on Planes

Talk about the once friendly skies not being so friendly these days.

The disputes over emotional support animals on commercial flights are increasing and more are now in court.

Take the case this week of a pregnant Florida woman who is suing American Airlines because she says she and her emotional support dog were mistreated by a flight attendant on a trip from Miami to L-A.

The woman is said to be seeking 75-thousand dollars in damages, saying she suffers from severe anxiety and that she had confirmed with the airline that what she calls her “medically necessary comfort animal “could travel with her.

In her lawsuit, the woman claims a flight attendant screamed at her, saying the dog could not be in the cabin because it’s an FAA violation and locked the woman’s dog in a bathroom.

This lawsuit over animals on planes is not the first and won’t be the last.

Back in May, a Delta passenger filed a lawsuit against the airline after suffering injuries to his face and upper body when a fellow passenger’s dog bit him aboard an Atlanta-to-San Diego flight.

The Association of Flight Attendants now calls the situation a “mess of animals loose in the aircraft cabin.”

The U.S. Department of Transportation is updating its guidelines about passengers with animals but chances are it will be impossible to muzzle all the complaints.

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