San Diego Unified's New Plan to Help More Students Get More Math

It’s back to school in the San Diego Unified School District but it’s not back to the same way they teach math.

What is described as a new math pathway is something new starting this year.

According to a report in the San Diego Union Tribune, the district says the new plan is designed to help close a gap that exists between kids who are placed in advanced math classes and those who are not.

The report says Black and Hispanic students in the district are less likely to be placed in advanced math classes than white and Asian students and students from families with low income are less likely to be placed in advanced math courses than students from higher-income families.

And when it comes to math, it’s more important than you might think.

A consultant for the district says math is what he calls “essentially unique”.

Apparently how well a kid does in math is considered a gatekeeper and can be an important factor in whether a student gets into college and which college they attend.The Union Tribune report also says some studies have linked being in advanced math classes with the ability to earn a higher income in your career.

So while many kids grumble about math and while many parents may not think it matters all that much, it probably matters more now than it ever has with the increasing number of jobs in tech or tech-related fields.

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