The MADD Fight Against DUI's in San Diego

Having been in the news business for a long time, there’s rarely a week that goes by when there is not a DUI case in court or a DUI incident on the road that makes the news.

And on Monday there was a DUI sentencing in court that made the news and a DUI arrest on an East County freeway that made the news.

Early Monday morning, a woman who was drunk ended up in a crash on the 8 freeway where her car flipped over and was wedged under a truck.Amazingly she was not seriously hurt not was anyone else but she ended up being arrested on a DUI and ended her day locked up at the Las Colinas women’s jail.

A few hours later in a downtown courtroom, the drunk driver who killed a woman and her unborn daughter on Mother’s Day was sentenced to 34 years to life in prison.

Then late Monday afternoon, in an interview with KOGO News, the victims advocate for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization known as MADD, described how DUI’s that end in crashes, sometimes deadly ones, can have an impact on the whole community. And she says there are way too many cases of DUI’s in San Diego.

MADD has been fighting against drunk and drugged driving for decades.

And while the fight may never be fully won, there is hope that because of their message and similar messages from other organizations, there are lives being saved every week that goes by.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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