Hating the Hate Crimes in San Diego

California is said to have one of the toughest laws against hate crimes yet there are a lot of hate crimes.

And a lot of them are in San Diego.

A deadly one occurred in April at the synagogue in Poway where a longtime member of the Jewish congregation was killed, and the rabbi and two other people were injured.

Then last week, bullet holes were discovered at a synagogue in Del Cerro and the anti-defamation league is offering a reward to help find who did it.

Just the other day, the San Diego Union Tribune published a report that revealed that between 2014 and 2018, there were a little under 250 hate crimes across some 20 communities in San Diego County. The crimes involved assaults, racist vandalism and threating phone calls.

The Union Tribune’s analysis says most of the hate crimes targeted the LGBTQ community followed by crimes against blacks, Hispanics, and Jewish people.

Hate crimes, of course, happen all over the country and according to recent reports they’ve been happening with greater frequency in recent years.

The question is asked, why?There are a variety of studies about that and a lot of different opinions about that.

The most important question though is....what we do about it.

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