Does the U.S. Have a Gun Problem in Mexico?

A new report in the San Diego Union Tribune suggests that anyone who thinks the United States has the worst problem with guns, hasn’t looked at what’s going on in Mexico.

As the Union Tribune's report puts it, Mexico is in the grips of a deadly arms race.

Despite Mexico’s strict gun laws, the report says millions of Mexicans have guns, with members of the drug cartels leading the way.The report cites numbers that are staggering, with more than 20,000 gun homicides and in 95 percent of them, the killers are not held responsible.

And all of this is happening south of the border…despite the fact that it’s very hard to get a gun legally in Mexico with the only actual gun store on a guarded Army base.And assault rifles are illegal in Mexico.

And what may be most surprising is this; The Union Tribune report points out what many Americans probably don’t know; that the vast majority of guns in Mexico come from the United States, smuggled into Mexico.

A University of San Diego study is quoted as estimating that more that 750-thousand guns bought in the U.S are smuggled into Mexico, and with Mexico not checking a lot of the goods brought across its border, the guns flow in.

So when people talk about trying to solve the gun problem in the U.S, there are concerns on both sides of the border.

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