Why Not to Complain About Shutting Off Power to Prevent Wildfires

With a history of major wildfires during past Octobers in San Diego and up and down the state, it should not be surprising that the first Santa Ana of the season is generating as much warning and preparation as it is.

When the winds kick up and the humidity goes down, anyone living in California knows that small fires can become big fires.That’s why Cal Fire and local fire departments are ready with extra personnel on duty and extra equipment fired up, so to speak, and ready to go.

From local mayors urging their residents not to light up cigarettes outdoors to San Diego Gas &Electric and the other big utilities in California shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of customers to keep wires and transmission lines from sparking, steps are being taken and warnings are being issued to everyone to do all they can to reduce the risk of a major wildfire.

Last year was a very bad one for wildfires in California, with lots of lives lost and thousands of homes destroyed and everyone is doing all they can to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

So while it may be inconvenient and may event present a hardship to have your power shut down for a day or two or more, if it helps prevent the tragedy of last year like the one that turned the town of Paradise into anything but, then it is worth it.


(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)