WATCH: Satellites Gone Wild

A lot of people reported seeing those lights in the sky over Southern California this week after SpaceX launched more satellites into space.

And the lights as you might imagine drew a lot of attention.

The SpaceX launches also are getting the attention of astronomers who aren’t amazed or impressed by those lights in the sky, but who are worried and concerned.

SpaceX has so far sent 120 satellites into the earth’s orbit as part of its plan to eventually send up as many as 30-thousand of the Starlink satellites.It’s all part of the plan to create a space based internet system available to anyone in the world.

But several astronomers have told the New York Times they’re worried that the brightness of all these satellites in orbit could make it hard for telescopes to see past them into deeper space and affect their studies of astronomy.

One of the astronomers puts it this way, “It will look as if the whole sky is crawling with them.” Another says, “It’s really a mess.”

It appears that one group’s progress may be another group’s problem.

But the astronomers’ concerns may not matter much. The FCC already has given SpaceX the okay to launch 12-thousand of the satellites into Earth orbit.

Space has often been described as the last frontier, and now it looks like it could be as wild as the first frontier was 200 years ago.

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