How Latest School Shooting Finally Could Lead to Action

It was sure to happen, because It happens every time there is a school shooting. And sadly it continues to happen way too much.

According to report in the USA Today, a gun safety group called Everytown says there have been at least 30 shooting attacks ending in the death or wounding of victims on school grounds in the U.S this year.

Minutes after that 16 year old student walked onto the quad at Saugus High School on his birthday and pulled out a 45-caliber semi automatic pistol from his backpack and opened fire, the debate over gun safety and gun control was sparked again.

That debate has been pretty quiet lately because it seems as enough time passes after each mass shooting, the debate quiets and little if anything is done by anybody in any federal government office.

Oh there’s a lot of talk, and there will now be again.But while Americans may be split on what to do about guns, if you ask Americans, most of them say something needs to be done.

So what has to happen for something to happen that will prevent these kinds of shooting tragedies that have happened in many cities across our country?

Solutions vary from one extreme to another, ban all guns, allow all guns.Lock up mentally ill people, give guns to all teachers, post armed guards at every entrance at every school.

The solutions may be hard to reach, but with this latest school shooting tragedy, we can only hope and pray that we can agree on what to do and do it, finally!

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