Lessons from a Great San Diego Leader

There are a lot of books written about leadership. Leadership in politics, in business, in sports, in churches and in families.

And any leader knows that being a leader of anything is not easy.

But there are lots of good leaders and then there are those who become great leaders.

One of those great leaders in the San Diego community for many years is being laid to rest today.

And great leaders leave behind legacies and lessons for the rest of us about leadership.

His name is Paul Palmer and many in San Diego knew him because of his influence on people in radio and industry itself, having led KFMB AM and FM for 22 years and for then for 12 years leading Big Brothers Big Sisters, making it bigger and better.

During the last few years, at the National Conflict and Resolution Center that is based in San Diego, while not the leader of that organization, he was a consultant who shared his gift for leadership and for inspiring people.

And on a personal note, having worked for him for many years, before KOGO, Paul Palmer was an example of a leader who knew how to make you feel good about what you did…but made you want to be better.

And with questions about leadership in the news all the time, the world can use more leaders like him.

READ MORE about Paul from the leader of the National Conflict Resolution Center.

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