A Price to Pay for Living in San Diego in the Winter

The jabs and jokes are already on social media. Maybe you’ve seen some.

It happens every time there is a rain storm in San Diego.

And of course they’re all from those, including friends and family members, who don’t get to live in San Diego and have to deal with these winter storms in Southern California.

See how easy it is to make light of our storms?

And every time we get one, and this first one of the winter season is a pretty big one, there are the posts on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram of patio chairs lying on their side or a single tree branch resting on a driveway.

And then there’s all the advice and tips for us in San Diego on how to cope with driving in drizzle. And photos of several inches of snow from those who live in back east and in the Midwest along with some quip about how hard it must be to shovel rain.

But all of this being made fun of when we get a rain storm is just part of the price we pay for living here, just part of what we call the sunshine tax because we have to endure winter in San Diego.

(Photo credit KOGO News)

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