How Black Friday Has Changed

So are you one of those who are getting ready for Black Friday?

While the name for the day after Thanksgiving sounds depressing, it was begun as an uplifting day for retailers who count on lots of sales that day to put them into the black. But lots of stores now offer deals several weeks before Black Friday…pretty much right after Halloween these days.

And yes there will be shoppers who ditch their turkey for deals. But is Black Friday really what it’s cooked up to be? Has the idea of Black Friday become tarnished?

Oh there still will be some shoppers who head out to grab those bargains on the widest screen TVs or latest smart gadget.But now Black Friday has become a month of Black Fridays.

But retailers know that while lots of people do on line shopping, fewer than 20 percent do only on line shopping, meaning about 80 percent of shoppers will also buy gifts at so called brick and mortar stores, and visit shopping malls. A shopping website called NerdWallet tracked Black Friday ads and found that that sale prices were not that terrific…and found items in Black Friday ads that were already selling at the same price.

That’s because Black Friday is now Black Friday season, filling in the gap between Halloween and Thanksgiving weekend. Even Santa Claus left the North Pole early this year and was already taking orders from kids at Fashion Valley early this month.

So with Black Friday now no longer just one day, it means you don’t have to dash off from the Thanksgiving table so quickly. And that means you can spend more time with your family and friends.

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