Why December is Unusual in San Diego

Someone was asking this week, is the fire season over now?

With all the rain we’ve just had in San Diego County, and with winter officially now only 3 weeks away and lower daytime highs and nighttime lows and Christmas coming, it wouldn’t be an unusual question to ask.

But while San Diego is known for having pretty steady kind of weather all year long, this time of year can be very unusual.

As the San Diego Union Tribune pointed out, San Diego got more ran that Seattle during November and we have more rain this week.

And we usually don’t start getting much rain until we are well into the month of December when our winter rains usually begin if it’s a usual year.

But even rain in December can be sparse. And the fire danger can be high. It happens. Look back one year ago when there were wildfires burning during the first week of the month in California.

And we’ve been known to have high temps around 90 in San Diego even on Christmas Day sometimes in the past.

So now in the first few days of December of 2019, it is looking like this one could be a wet one.A good thing for helping to keep big wildfires away but a bad thing if we get too much rain and too much flooding.

But no matter what kind of weather we end up having this month, December in San Diego is certainly better than December anywhere else..

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