When Knowing Too Much Can Be Too Much About the Coronavirus

When it comes to the coronavirus, how much information is too much information?

Every day it seems now there is a new claim by someone in the news or o social media about how you can catch the virus.From a cough or a sneeze to a touch of a dollar bill to breathing it in or even talking to someone.

Health experts say that while some of these things are fact and good for us to know, some of these things are fiction and you have to be careful to check out things you see posted on social media on a reliable medical website such as the CDC website, the Centers for Disease Control.

And then there is a lot of information coming out now about where coronavirus cases are happening and in the San Diego Union Tribune they’re listed neighborhood by neighborhood, by zip code, in every city in the county.

You can see how many positive coronavirus cases have been reported in the area where you live or work.

And while some people will consider that useful, others say they don’t want to know.

For some it makes them worry even more. For others, who do want to see where all the cases are, may think that because few or even none are in their zip code right now, they may develop a false sense of security and not follow the physical distancing and other guidelines to protect themselves and others.

So when it comes to something like the coronavirus, knowing what you need to know is critical, but knowing too much, at times, can be too much.

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