Some Good News About the Coronavirus

While there is the bad news about the surge in cases of the coronavirus and California now leading all states, there has been some good news about the virus too.

There’s progress being made toward a safe and effective vaccine.

It was the report this week about the results of clinical trial in a joint effort by the University of Oxford and pharma giant, AstraZeneca, with preliminary findings show that their COVID-19 vaccine is safe and well-tolerated in humans. And that vaccine induces robust antibody and T cell immune responses in humans.

There also are some local bio-tech firms reported as having made some progress on a potential vaccine. And it wouldn’t be surprising if the answer to the virus came from a lab in San Diego, given our reputation for bio-tech research.

There was more good news this week about how the virus is transmitted, or not transmitted.

According to the findings of a new study, you can’t get the virus from mosquitos. And with all the mosquitos we seem to have right now in San Diego, that’s good to hear.

While the World Health Organization has said that mosquitos can’t transmit the disease, this new study is said to be the first to actually investigate whether mosquitos can become infected with, and then bite and spread the virus to humans. At least that’s one less thing to worry about.

And then there’s what happens on Friday at Petco Park where the Padres play their first game of the pandemic shortened season. Fans can’t be there in person, but watching baseball on TV during the summer in San Diego is at least close to normal. And most of us will take it.

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