How to Find Answers to Dealing With the Pandemic Problems

What to do about the rising cases of the coronavirus?

What to do about opening the schools? What to do about reopening businesses that were reclosed? And what to do to keep the public and especially the more vulnerable safe from the COVID disease?

These are the questions our local state and national leaders are still facing more than four months after the official start of the pandemic. And not everyone has the same idea about the right answer to all these questions.

The pandemic became political from the start and has grown to an increasingly divisive issue, which of course can make it harder to solve and take longer to do it.

From the disagreement among San Diego County Supervisors over the Safe Reopening Enforcement teams to the recent launch of a Recall the Governor campaign to the battles between Republicans and Democrats in Congress to the disputes even between the President and members of his White House Coronavirus Task Force…the legacy of the 2020 pandemic may be remembered at least as much for its partisan politics as it will be for about public health.

So want happens now?Will the surge in cases end in a few weeks? Will there be more businesses opening or closing? Will kids go back to school classrooms before Fall officially begins?

The answers lie ahead but they will come a lot easier if we have less divisiveness and more determination to all work together.


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