What Kind of Face Mask Are You Wearing?

Are you used to wearing face masks? If you aren’t already, then you will be, that is, if you want to go anywhere.

Any store you go to now makes wearing a face covering mandatory or have announced that they will make it mandatory by the start of next week.

And of course wearing a mask is required to go to any restaurant even if outdoors until you’re sitting at your table. Many offices require masks and not surprisingly, you’re not able to see a doctor or a dentist or an optometrist without wearing one.

And of course, here in California and now in several other states, governors have made mask wearing mandatory unless you’re properly socially distanced.

So with mask wearing becoming what we all do here in 2020, and supplies of surgical masks being hard to find because of the demand for them in hospitals, a lot of people are making their own masks.

So a new study on how to make a face mask is getting a lot of attention.

And this new study confirms that the most effective homemade masks have two layers, not just one, so they do a better job of protecting you from someone else’s coughs and sneezes and protecting them from your coughs or sneezes.

And as health officials say, some people who don’t even have any symptoms can still spread the virus.

No one likes having to wear a face mask, but it is what we have to do to help slow the spread of the virus so we eventually can stop it.And all of us want that.

READ more on the study.

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