The Power of Positive Pandemic Posts

The beginning of March seems like a long time ago, even longer than the almost 5 months it’s been.

By now, let’s face it, a lot of us thought, or at the very least strongly hoped, that we’d be coming out of it, that the worst would be over and that life could start getting back to a somewhat normal.

But with school set to resume soon in the coming days or next few weeks, in a way that is unlike any back to school time in the past, things clearly are not yet approaching normal.

And it appears life with masks and social distancing is going to be around for a while yet. And with that realization having become more real, it’s not hard to see signs that living life these days continues to take its toll on us.

Mental health professional say a rise in cases of anxiety and depression continues. It certainly is easy to get depressed and feel on edge as we start each day.

But it helps when you see a comment on your Next Door app that says “I want to take time to post positive vibes…and invite anyone of my neighbors to do the same in hopes that the intensity of current affairs of the world will be quelled. And to remind everyone that life is beautiful.”

Other neighbors quickly joined in with words of thanks for friends, family and lots more.

Not a bad way to start your day, considering the pandemic, in the summer of 2020.

(Photo credit Getty Images)