What the President Getting the Virus Will Mean

Some are saying they saw it coming. Maybe.

But as one veteran Washington correspondent put it, this is the last thing the White House wanted. The President and the First Lady becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Not only does it raise health concerns about Donald and Melania Trump who are 74 years old and 50 years old respectively….

But politically, it couldn’t happen at a worse time with clock ticking toward the final days of the re-election campaign and the November election now just over four weeks away.

The President isn’t the first leader of a nation to get the virus. The Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson spent time in the hospital fighting the virus.

And of course, more than seven-million Americans have become infected with it before he and Mrs. Trump did.

When you are the residents of the White House, you have the best team of doctors so they will get the best care. And despite the unprecedented number of deaths over such a short period of time from COVID-19, the vast majority of people who get it, do get through it.

But President Trump contracting the virus that has defined the year 2020 and is the number one issue in this election year, clearly raises awareness about COVID-19 even beyond where it has been.

And even among those who have not taken it as seriously as others have, no matter where they live, that is, up until today, now that it has happened at the White House.


SEE the tweets from President and First Lady below.

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