What Can We Count On During the Election Countdown?

The four week countdown to Election Day, November 3rd, starts Tuesday.

As we’ve been reporting, early voting in California starts today and is also underway in many other states.

The one and only vice-presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris is the day after tomorrow. And the second scheduled presidential debate is a week from Thursday, October 15th.

But as we begin this week, there is a lot of uncertainty about what’s ahead over these next four weeks.

With President Trump now being treated for COVID-19 and doctors saying it could take another week or two for him to recover barring any setbacks, the normal countdown to Election Day looks to be a lot different than normal. But then that’s normal for the abnormal year we’re going through.

If the next two debates between the President and Joe Biden are held, how will they be held so that they and others present are properly protected from the coronavirus? The town hall format set for their debate next week may be done the way a lot of kids are learning these days, from a distance and on line.

One suggestion out there, especially after what happened at the first debate, is it put both of them inside glass booths and make sure their mics are on only when it’s each of their turns to talk.

With the virus still around, that’s not necessarily a bad idea.And to hear both candidates talk without interruption would be a cure for the raucous contest we endured last week that made many Americans sick.

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