What Life Could Be Like After the Pandemic

Few probably missed the irony or coincidence of the news about Regal Cinemas this week.

The company that owns Regal Cinema announced Monday it was close to closing all of its 543 movie theaters in the U.S temporarily due to the economic impact of the pandemic. AMC theaters meantime revealed their plans. The company issued a statement saying they would keep their theaters open.

The trigger for the move is blamed on the new James Bond film, one of those blockbuster kinds of movies that traditionally generate lots of revenue at the box office. It’s title “No Time to Die.”

But is it a sign of things to come about the future of movie theaters themselves and other businesses? Is it a sign that things could be different even after the pandemic is long gone?

The history of the last great pandemic that happened just over 100 years ago in 1918, led to new kinds of sewage systems, a new way of building city streets, public bathrooms and improved health and safety practices.

Now in 2020, many are wondering if the coronavirus pandemic will end up eliminating or changing lots of different kinds of businesses.

And whether temperature checks and health screenings will become a permanent way of beginning each day at school.

And what about the way restaurants will operate and how retail stores will deliver their products instead of stocking their stores.

And how many employees who used to work in offices won’t work in offices any more but at home.

No one knows for sure but what we do know is that no one will be surprised.

(Photo Getty Images)