WATCH: Why the Vice President's Fly Was Not a Surprise

In an improbable year like this one, is it any surprise that one of the headlines to come out of the vice-presidential debate would be about an insect.

A couple of the headlines might have said it best.An “uninvited guest “ gets all the attention.And another that said, they “let it fly” at the debate.

Yes it was that fly.That fly that landed on the head of Vice President Mike Pence, and then decided to make camp in his perfectly coiffed white hair for a couple of minutes. It made for a unique distraction that might be a first at a presidential election year debate.

The vice president didn’t know the fly was even there, crawling around on his head, but the millions watching did.And even California Senator Kamala Harris appeared to know it was there.

The moderator, Susan Page, must have seen it but she didn’t point it out to Pence. In fact the way things were going for her, trying to get the Vice President to stay to the allotted times, it was surprising she didn’t just tell the fly “thank you, it’s time to fly away”.

We all have had the experience of a fly landing on our head or nose.

Having had it happen to me years ago when anchoring the news on TV, and trying to swipe it away from my face, it was an embarrassing enough incident, that it helped me sway from a TV career to one in radio.

The vice president’s fly during the debate did eventually fly away.But it will become one of those unusual tidbits of trivia in a year that has been the most unusual.


(Photo Getty Images)