How the Padres Provided a Cure for Fans in 2020

It’s over. The Padres season is over. Yet it was still an incredibly and unbelievable season in an incredibly and unbelievable year.

It was a season only one third as long as usual thanks to the coronavirus and no fans allowed. And it came to an end at the hands of the Dodgers in an empty stadium in Texas.

One can only imagine what it would have been like if the Padres had been able to play these games against the Dodgers in front of their fans as in anormal season….and the difference it could have made.

Padre fans made the difference in their first trip to the World Series way back in 1984 when down two games to none to the Cubs, the fans spurred them on to an incredible and unbelievable comeback at the stadium that is now in the process of being torn down.

But with a return to the post season for the first time in 14 years this year, and grand slamming along the way, the Padres of 2020 are a team that is still being built up and will be even better.

And while fans are used to saying wait until next year, they probably can’t wait till next year. The 2021 season should be one without the pandemic and with the fans.

But the Padres of 2020 will go down as a team that did something San Diego sports fans realty needed when it was needed most. An incredibly exciting diversion from all the pandemic and political stress of this year. Can’t wait till next year!

(Photo Getty Images)