Some Facts About Fraud

While those who voted for Joe Biden are happy and celebrating, those who voted for President Trump have been unhappy with some even holding protests.

The legal challenges by the president, even with no real evidence so far of any voting irregularities that could change the outcome, are likely to continue until they don’t. No one knows for sure how long that will be.

Election officials in every state have said before and are saying again now that cases of voter fraud, with systems and methods in place to catch it, rarely happen.

And when you look at studies done into voter fraud in the past, the percentage of proven cases of real fraud is incredibly small, tiny in fact.

Several studies have been done into voter fraud including one done by the conservative Heritage Foundation. It found that just under 13-hundred cases of voter fraud in elections in recent years and out of more than one-billion ballots casts. That's a percentage so low it includes zeroes on the right side of the decimal point.

So while any candidate in any election in our country has the right to investigate allegations and ask for re-counts, which helps make our system of democracy the best there is, the truth is that the chances of any reversal of the outcome is very unlikely at this point, no matter how much one might wish that isn’t true.

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